Sharon’s Awakening – Part 3 – The Cane

Sharon’s Awakening – Part 3 – The Cane


Sharon’s Awakening – The Cane
Copyright: gail.sher (c)

Mrs. Harbord tapped the cane lightly against her leg as she ran her eyes appraisingly up and down Sharon. She moved in measured steps towards the desk, and then tapped the cane across the table’s surface. “Come on then, young lady, look smart now! Let’s have you bent across the desk and make sure this is the rod is just right for you.”

The words hung pregnant in the air, and Sharon felt her feet were glued to the ground.

“Move it, girl, get across here right now! Delay a bit longer and it will be two or three canes I will be testing!”

Sharon dragged her feet into the middle of the room, and bent over like she had seen it being done in those clips she had watched. She laid her cheek sideway on the cool wood, and reached forward to clasp the edge of the desk. Her skirt felt taught across her bottom, but she still reached back to tug it down. As she did so, she felt it being snatched away from her fingers. With her heart pounding, she realized that Mrs. Harbord was rolling it up across her back, leaving her bottom naked and vulnerable. She wished now that she had acted more modestly when picking her clothes this morning; it seemed silly and reckless to be wearing only a thong.

“Hmmm…interesting choice of underwear, isn’t it? I would have thought you would choose something more modest for a meeting like this.” Mrs. Harbord commented. Sharon felt the thong being bunched up even tighter as it was pulled securely between the cheeks of her bottom. Feeling humiliated and vulnerable. Sharon waited for Mrs. Harbord to finish fussing around behind her. The schoolmarm tone announced that the preparations were complete. “Right, that’s better. A nice clean target, and all the better to see the results!”

Sharon sensed Mrs.Harbord stepping away, and before she had a chance to collect herself, there was a whistle in the air, followed by a crack, and then her bottom seemed to ignite into flames. The pain was indescribable, and Sharon felt herself shooting up into a standing position, and grabbing at her burning bottom in a desperate attempt to soothe it. A scream of agony escaped from her lips as she battled to deal with the sensation. It felt as if a red hot branding iron had seared her across her backside. The pain came in waves that seemed to grow stronger by the second.

A firm hand pushed her in the small of her back. “Back down girl, get into position. Right this minute, and don’t you dare get up before I give you the word!” Sharon reluctantly bent over. All feelings of shame and humiliation had evaporated and all she could think of was the agony in her bottom as she battled to draw in air into her lungs.

“Arch you back down…push your bottom out, girl…further, further.”

Sharon desperately battled to comply. She felt the cane tap on the inside of her calves.

“Spread them wider, girl.”

Then suddenly there was that awful swoosh and crack and the lightning arc of pain. She barely started to rise, when the first cut was followed by a second. That hand from behind her pushed her back down across the desk. She felt the cold hard wood pressing into her breasts, and the dampness of tears flowing down her cheeks. She desperately kicked her feet up and down in a desperate attempt to find some relief. A light finger traced lines across her burning bottom, and then touched her gently on her sex.

“This certainly seems to be the right cane for you. Flexible, yet firm. It gives the perfect cut without breaking the flesh. I am sure that Mrs. Evert will be satisfied with it. Right, stand up girl. Pull yourself together now, tidy yourself up, and come out to the front office. We’ll settle up your account and then you can be on your way.”

Sharon stood up stiffly and pulled her skirt straight. She watched the door swing closed behind Mrs. Harbord, and then she quickly tried to un-bunch her underwear and get more comfortable. Her bottom was a burning, and she could feel three welts tracing lines of pain across her cheeks. She brushed the tears from her eye with the back of her hand, and went out through the door to the counter.

In a daze, Sharon paid for and picked up the proffered cane before heading for the door. She barely noticed the young woman who had been browsing, following her out. Mercifully, it was just a short walk to the subway, but as she stepped into the train, she realized with horror why Mrs. Evert had instructed her to use public transport.

Here she was, standing for all to see, with a cane in her hand. The blood drained from her face as she heard a voice next to her. It was the young woman who had followed her out of the shop.

“Just bought that cane, have you? I saw you in the “Women’s World”.

Sharon stared at her, not daring to answer. Then she nodded quickly and looked down.

Her unwelcome interrogator would not stop, and she certainly didn’t keep her voice low. A broad grin broke out across her pixie like face. “Mrs. Harbord tested it out on you, didn’t she? That’s why you aren’t sitting, isn’t it?”

Sharon felt the blood rushing back into her face. She nodded again. Fortunately, it was the middle of the day and the train carriage was almost empty. A smartly dressed business woman sat in a nearby seat, tuning into the conversation. A sardonic grin played across her lips.

“Ooh…she whips them in like crazy! It’s always bad luck to be purchasing anything there if she is on duty! How many did she give you? Three or four? You aren’t going to be able to sit comfortably for days! The bruises will be awesome!” The chattering continued, the young woman seemingly oblivious of the interest it was starting to raise from some of the other nearby occupants. “I bought a tawse there once, and she managed to cut me up right there between my thighs.Almost hit my sensitive parts, she did ! Never going to buy that sort of thing there again when she is on duty! What’s your husband going to say?”

“I don’t have a husband,” Sharon mumbled. “Sorry…this is my stop. I need to be leaving now.”

Sharon made for the train door, and mercifully escaped. The pain had turned to a warm glow now. It was actually quite pleasant. She felt her juices start to flow and suddenly she desperately needed to get to the bathroom for a pee. Thank goodness Mrs. Evert’s apartment was just half a block’s walk from the subway station.


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