A submissive’s letters to her online friend – Letter 1 – Introduction

Cait and Emma have been online friends for a few years. They come from different backgrounds and countries, have different lifestyles and different real life challenges to face, fears to face down, yet they have formed a friendship that transcends real life. They share a love for kink and fun; can the relationship be sustained and grow in this virtual world?

Both ladies are submissive; Cait leads a vanilla lifestyle, while Emma has a hubby who indulges her with the odd spanking when her bottom deserves it.

Join Cait for the journey in this one-sided exchange as she explores the possibilities and continues to experiment with her own sexuality.

Dear Emma

It was such a pleasure to meet you in the chatroom yesterday. I love your company; despite your real life problems (don’t we all have those!) you are always breezy and easy to chat to, to joke with, to have a light-hearted gossip about our mutual friends.

You said something to me yesterday that should have hurt, but instead it aroused me, left me uncomfortably but deliciously damp. I am sure my colleagues would have noticed my flushed neck, perhaps smelled the distinctive scent of arousal. You don’t quite realise what you did to me, Em, when you called me “Your bitch”.

Changing the tone of a relationship is so hard Em; one never knows how the other will react. Think of the first time you disclosed your spanking relationship to your hubby; what a risk it was!!! What would he think of you, would he still accept you as he had before?

Your comment Em, changed me. I knew then that I actually did want to be “your bitch”.

I thought about it a lot Em, and realised that the onus for change was on me, not on you. I have always joshed with you and intentionally treated you mis-respectfully. I think our relationship is built on more than just kidding each other; I think we know that we can each turn each other on.

So I determined that I would start to treat you with proper respect, Emma. I love your sense of humor, and I hope we can still have fun. I also love your sense of exploration, your confidence in your own sexuality, your loyalty.

I hope this letter does not disturb you but I wanted you to know why you might sense a different attitude when we next meet. I am not being cold; I hope you can appreciate that. This has been a hard letter to write and I am just hoping desperately that it will not cause any bad vibe to come between you and me.

Love as always,



One thought on “A submissive’s letters to her online friend – Letter 1 – Introduction

  1. Emma says:

    My Beautiful Cat….. How could you ever disrespect me, you know me as I you!….. When we are together real life falls away,….. You make my panties wet and that my little subbie is real! Kisses always Em


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