A submissive’s letters to her online friend – Letter 2 – Tease and Denial

Dear Emma

Online relationships are so difficult!

There are so many things that can get in the way of a fulfilling ‘chat’; timing, work pressures, interruptions, location to name just a few. Getting close when you are sitting in a semi-public space with interruptions, minimal privacy and slow networks make online intimacy something of a challenge.

Yet today, dear Emma, you managed to break through and despite it all, i found myself getting more and more aroused. Was it fulfilling to be sitting in baggy jeans and t-shirt, clunky shoes and a thousand distractions? At first i thought not, but then ifound myself responding. My panties became wet, my nipples felt like sensitive, plump berries, waiting to be plucked, to be tweaked, twisted and pulled. You ordered me to move to the shower or my bedroom and denied my protestations that i couldn’t do that; i was so concerned that the household buzz threatened our intimacy. That dominance inflamed me, Emma; you can’t under-estimate what behavior like that can do. It caused my heart rate to go up, and new flood of dampness to threaten.

i DID move to my bedroom and knelt on the carpet. One might thing that carpets are soft – this one offered no protection, no padding. It was hard on my knees, Emma, and as I knelt with my thighs spread wide and rested my bum on my heels, my juices flowed and as I tugged at my nips, it felt as if my clit might explode. i wished i had been kneeling at your feet Emma, not in a strange bedroom in an old house where I am a visitor.

i was about to cum Emma; an hour earlier i would not have believed it possible. i had been feeling sexless, dowdy and frumpish. Isn’t it amazing what online can do – the physicality disappears and the mind takes over.

But you told me not to – so i didn’t. i appreciated you allowing me to clean myself up, but it has left me feeling on edge and frustrated. It played out as a classic case of Tease and Denial, Emma. i hope as hard as i can that your email will come and that i will be able to please you with my control and perhaps my release.

Thank you Emma, thank you for your control, thank you for your dominance, thank you for being you.

submissively yours



One thought on “A submissive’s letters to her online friend – Letter 2 – Tease and Denial

  1. Emma says:

    As Romantic Dom said once as only he can!!…. ‘But only if she gives true freedom to the latent submissive that hesitates deep inside her’ …… you have reached that far inside yourself Cat!!…and I am humbled


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