Chains – Chapter 2 – Chain Links

Chapter 2 – Chain Links

Stedstor was one of those General Dealers that you find in smaller towns; they stock everything from household cleaning supplies to electric goods, beach clothes to fishing supplies, bird seed to camping equipment; they had it all! A superstore crammed into two small storefronts; merchandise stacked on shelves from floor to ceiling, narrow aisles where customers could not pass, the unexpected available at any random spot.

I know in retrospect it sounds childish and somewhat eccentric to go into a shop like that to see what a length of chain would actually feel like, but that is exactly the way it happened. I found the shelf where there were reels of chains of different thickness rolled up; a pair of bolt cutters leaned idly against a yard-stick attached to the shelf.

I stood wrapped up in my own little world, playing with the ends of these chains, feeling the weight, thrilling to its unyielding nature. I wrapped the end of one chain around my wrist, feeling a sense of warmth rushing through my tummy, a deep and satisfying dampness developing in my panties.

It was really a magic moment; the steel felt so cold against my skin and my wrist bones jutted up to meet the hard, unyielding metal with a pleasurable discomfort.

A general store is a strange place to have an erotic flight of fancy, but right there and there, while I played with the chain that I circled around my wrist, I wondered what it would be like to have that chain circle my waist, its heavy links resting on my soft and padded hips, balancing seductively on the top of my bum.

My mind raced on, oblivious of my surroundings; what I thought would it be like if a chain was pulled between my legs and locked to the link around my waist chain, trapping me in a makeshift chastity belt? What would it feel like to have those shiny links drag up between my pussy lips, pushing against my clit, glistening with my juices, lubricated by my wetness.

Erotic fantasies are designed to do one thing, and one thing alone: to put you in a state of arousal, where you neck flushes, your nipples strain against your bra, pushing out like nubs through your T-Shirt, dress or blouse. Your breathing becomes more pronounced and perhaps your fingers are not as calm and steady as you are accustomed to having them be. In many cases your musky odor punches through the ambient smells, your voice becomes husky when you have to respond

Erotic fantasies are fine when experienced alone but in a public space the symptoms can cause alarm bells to ring.


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