Chains – Chapter 4 – The Store Room

Chapter 4 – The Store Room

The sales assistant flipped on the lights when she entered the store room and I followed her in, well away from curious eyes.

She dumped the items that she was holding onto a workbench that stood at the side of the room. I looked around and took it all in; the room was about five by ten meters, quite spacious compared to the heavily stocked shop in the front. Steel racks with merchandise lined three sides of the wall and the workbench took up a good part of the length of the fourth. The roof beams were quite low and yet more items hung from hooks in the beams at the far end of the room. It was the floor however, which gave the room its dungeon like feel: bare concrete, cold and austere.

My confusion grew as I watched the assistant lock the door and pocket the key; why on earth was I here and why was she securing the door?

Her voice was quite matter of fact when she turned to address me again.

“I don’t know who you are, but I know what you are. I am pretty sure I know what you need.”

She paused for a moment, leaving me stunned and breathless. I watched as she dangled the door key from her index finger.

“You can leave now if you like, and this incident will soon be forgotten, or, you can strip now and fold your clothes, and leave them in a neat pile on the table over there.”

I just stared at her, stunned and speechless….and then the wellspring between my legs seemed to turn on by itself. I had forgotten the dampness from earlier on, but now I was again soaked, embarrassingly producing the juices of arousal once more. I felt her eyes once again boring into me and then ever so slowly I reached up to loosen the blue lace on my blouse and I slowly pulled the garment up over my head.

I was down to my bra and panties and reaching down to slip the sandal straps from behind my heels, when the assistant, who had been keeping an eye on me while she sorted the chains, broke the verbal silence and spoke to me again.

“Oh, you can keep the sandals on. Nice heels, I like them! The panties and bra, they need to come off.”

I flushed, partly at the praise of my choice in footwear, partly in shame.

“Oh, and the watch, that must come off as well, please.”

She gave me that piercing look again; those blue eyes of hers seemed to be constantly appraising me, constantly reading my mind. They were gorgeous, so blue, so calming, yet so probing, always seeming to look through me, to understand me a bit more.

“By the way, my name is Emmeline as you can see on my tag; I will simply call you ‘Girl’.”

I had barely finished stacking my clothes neatly on the table when Emmeline gave me my next instruction. Her voice was actually quite soft, quite matter of fact, but it carried an authority that I didn’t even consider to buck.

“There are two concrete blocks in the corner over there; please bring them to the center of the room.”

My goodness, they were heavy. About a foot square and three inches high, each had a steel ring set into the center of the base. I hauled each back to the center of the room with difficulty, setting them down under her guidance some six foot apart.

I stood exhausted as Emmeline wrapped a chain around my left ankle; she used a heavy padlock to close the loop and hold it in place. She quickly locked the loose end to one of the concrete blocks; I was chained, naked and at her mercy. She had given me about four foot of movement with that off cut of chain; there would be no walking around (except in circles!), no going to the loo, no walking out when I had had enough.

My head was spinning, I was still in shock. It could only have been a half hour before that I was driving into the parking lot in an irrational investigation of the things of my dreams; now here I was locked up and I had offered no struggle, no plea!

“Like a modern day version of the old ball and chain, isn’t it?”

She was so right; she was also the keeper of the key.


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