Chains – Chapter 5 – A touch of pleasure, a pinch of pain

Chapter 5 – A touch of pleasure, a pinch of pain

Emmeline selected another short length of chain off the table, and I watched her approach me with some feelings of unease.


I knew what she wanted; I held out my arms and offered both hands. She looped the one end of the chain around my right wrist, and locked it in place.

“Hands behind your back, please.”

I obeyed, and seconds later she had my left wrist secured to the other end of the short chain. I was manacled, hands behind my back, about six inches of movement in play.

Emmeline turned back to the table to select her next item; in a bit of a panic I wondered what would be next. Would she chain my other ankle, perhaps my wrists or my waist? What had I let myself into, should I scream or was I really safe?

I watched warily as she selected the plastic clips that she had picked up in “Household Goods”. She held them out in front of her with her fingertips, taunting me, stoking my fear, opening them, only to let them snap closed again; threatening movements, ominous clicks .

“Now what do you think these are for, Girl?”

I took a step backwards, and then came to an abrupt halt, my darned ankle chain preventing any further retreat.

Emmeline laughed softly, and then when she reached forward to me, it was to hug me rather than hurt! She wrapped her hands around my neck and leaned right into my space.

It was at that moment that I knew ‘we’ were meant to be. Her blue eyes seemed to soften as I watched; they became compassionate and misty, dreamy and half closed. Her breath was sweat, her lips were soft and I could feel the warmth of her body as she hugged me close

She broke momentarily from our embrace and whispered in my ear; her words were soft and hypnotic and I longed to please.

“Do this for me, my sweet girl. Your shackles are my freedom, your submission my pleasure, you need to know that your arousal is the key to my release.”

Her words excited me and her presence inflamed me. I could sense my nipples hardening, my clitoris trying to burst. Emmeline placed the clips onto my swollen nips, releasing slowly, luxuriating in my pained response. I breathed in slowly, cherished the momentary agony that I felt quickly subside. I lowered my head, savoring the sensations, desperately trying to breathe in her wonderful scent.

Emmeline kissed me chastely and looked at her watch; it was quarter to four she announced. Store closing was at six o’clock. With a wicked grin, she bade me farewell and said she would be back after the store was closed up.

She didn’t lock the door this time – I was going nowhere; physically and emotionally, I was imprisoned by her spell.


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