Chains – Final Chapter – Chapter 8 – The Strap

Chapter 8 – The Strap

“OK, Girl, get over it, and make sure your legs are spread nice and wide apart.”

I loved Emmeline’s way, she was both compassionate and stern; it was a strange mixture of kindness and gentle sadism that blew me away. She was mindful of my shackles, my fragile emotional state, and offered me help as I lay over the barrel. I felt a tug at my left ankle, and realized she had locked me to the concrete block once again, moments later my right ankle was pulled across and secured in a similar way. My hands just touched the floor in front offering me the support I needed to stay over the top.

Emmeline squatted down in front of me, lifted my face, and once again our eyes locked in that hypnotic stare. She didn’t say anything, just looked into my soul, and then she reached forward and kissed me again.

I drifted into a beautiful state, the touch of her lips, the taste of her tongue. I sucked and probed in return, felt my arousal build up, drank in her sublime fragrance, relished the touch of her fingers on my cheeks. If paradise exists, then this was it; if this was lust then who needs love?

It seemed like a lifetime of bliss before she broke away, and the look in her eyes was all misty and love. She started to strap me gently at first, the light strokes creating warmth, a heat that seemed to pervade every crevasse and crack. The rhythm increased slowly, the force slightly harder, but it was a pain I relished this time; there was no punishment involved, no unbearable pain.

I did not count the strokes, I have no idea how many; they all blended into one gorgeous fire that seemed to spread all around.

When she stopped at last, she laid a mat between my spread legs. I felt no shame at the state of my sex; I have no doubt it looked as swollen, damp and ready as it felt. Her tender fingers were tender as they grasped my whipped thighs, spreading me wider, readying me for both hers and my pleasure.

She was tender and caring as her tongue found my slit, her fingers ran around my clit in a magical way. I had often wondered what it would be like to be frigged while tied up, unable to stretch, unable to pull away. It was the most wonderful experience, one that is beyond belief, and my moans this time were of passion and lust rather than unrelenting pain from the strap.

I cried tears when I came; it’s the first time in my life that I felt such emotional and physical release. She unchained my wrists and knelt, in front of me this time, her hands clasping my cheeks, her tongue drying my tears.

It was different fragrance that enchanted me this time; Givenchy Dhalia Divin blended into a erotic scent with the juice of our sex; I knew then that while her tongue had been pleasuring me, her fingers had been pleasuring herself, my punishment and arousal driving her desire.

When we walked out the door, Stedstor General Dealer had a new meaning for me; it was the place where dreams were realized on concrete floors behind staff doors. Our fingers were locked together, but it was not with chains; it was with the bondage of passion and love, which is the most secure bondage of all.


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