The Day Dreamer Award


I’ve been nominated by Lesbian Like Me  for the Day Dreamer Award. The rules for accepting the award are:

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you!  You are an inspiration to all of us who live secret lives of yearning and never have what it takes to break free and live to our potential. I love your writing and following your journey.

Complete the challenge she set for me: Tell us about the thing/event/idea in your life that you are passionate about right now, other than your blog.

My love of birds and photography

For the spankophiles, kinksters and dom(me)s and subs who come to read my blog, you may want to skip to the last paragraph; for anyone else, read on!

I have been a hobby photographer from the days I was a young kid. My first camera was Brownie Box (that ages me!) and in my early teens, I graduated to an Instamatic 25 followed by an Instamatic 36. When I got to high school, I joined the photography club and a whole new world opened up to me: darkrooms with enlargers and the wonderful but acrid smell of developer and fixer. I learned to spool rolls of film in the dark, and dodge and burn and enlarge. Those were heady days!

I have married that interest to my love for the outdoors. While I am not a lister or birder, I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy looking for the next best bird shot. I lug my Canon 7D body and 100-400 lens everywhere. For those that know this equipment, it is a heavy combo that can wrench a shoulder from it’s socket.

Who can not enjoy the spring migrations in Canada? The joys of watching the colorful warblers who sing their hearts out as they flit around looking for food? Raptors are a perennial interest for me; the sight of a bald eagle cruising the lakeshore, or an osprey bringing home food to its nest always delivers a jolt that is more powerful than any caffeine fix. Yet in Canada, there is one species that for me, eclipses them all: The Snowy Owl.

IMG_7985The Snowies come down from the Arctic in the winter to feed. They are diurnal, (they hunt and are active both day and night) thanks to their life in the Arctic where they have those extremely long summer days. For me, it is the ultimate privilege to be able to find and photograph these magnificent birds. Here is a photo of one from yesterday; I trust she is just about to head back up to the Arctic and hope she will be back next year to grace us with her presence.

Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. The number of blogs you select is up to you.

Annie writes a wonderful blog and offers advice on spicing up ones’ life. So for all  of those who came straight down to this section of the post, I have a question for Annie and look forward to her response.

Annie, how do you add spice to a relationship when one partner is vanilla and the other a kinkster?

Takes this situation: for one partner, doggy style may be just too much change from the missionary position they love, yet for the other partner, chains and canes, straps to tie with and straps to spank with are what is desired. What on earth should this couple do?

Annie, you are my nominee for the the Day Dreamer Award!


One thought on “The Day Dreamer Award

  1. It’s so interesting to meet more of you than just the author of sexy stories. I took a class in school on birds and I loved the identification and especially when we got to spend time at the raptor center and hold the owls on our hands. Your photo reminded me of that joy.

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