The Day Dreamer Award


I’ve been nominated by Lesbian Like Me  for the Day Dreamer Award. The rules for accepting the award are:

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you!  You are an inspiration to all of us who live secret lives of yearning and never have what it takes to break free and live to our potential. I love your writing and following your journey.

Complete the challenge she set for me: Tell us about the thing/event/idea in your life that you are passionate about right now, other than your blog.

My love of birds and photography

For the spankophiles, kinksters and dom(me)s and subs who come to read my blog, you may want to skip to the last paragraph; for anyone else, read on!

I have been a hobby photographer from the days I was a young kid. My first camera was Brownie Box (that ages me!) and in my early teens, I graduated to an Instamatic 25 followed by an Instamatic 36. When I got to high school, I joined the photography club and a whole new world opened up to me: darkrooms with enlargers and the wonderful but acrid smell of developer and fixer. I learned to spool rolls of film in the dark, and dodge and burn and enlarge. Those were heady days!

I have married that interest to my love for the outdoors. While I am not a lister or birder, I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy looking for the next best bird shot. I lug my Canon 7D body and 100-400 lens everywhere. For those that know this equipment, it is a heavy combo that can wrench a shoulder from it’s socket.

Who can not enjoy the spring migrations in Canada? The joys of watching the colorful warblers who sing their hearts out as they flit around looking for food? Raptors are a perennial interest for me; the sight of a bald eagle cruising the lakeshore, or an osprey bringing home food to its nest always delivers a jolt that is more powerful than any caffeine fix. Yet in Canada, there is one species that for me, eclipses them all: The Snowy Owl.

IMG_7985The Snowies come down from the Arctic in the winter to feed. They are diurnal, (they hunt and are active both day and night) thanks to their life in the Arctic where they have those extremely long summer days. For me, it is the ultimate privilege to be able to find and photograph these magnificent birds. Here is a photo of one from yesterday; I trust she is just about to head back up to the Arctic and hope she will be back next year to grace us with her presence.

Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. The number of blogs you select is up to you.

Annie writes a wonderful blog and offers advice on spicing up ones’ life. So for all  of those who came straight down to this section of the post, I have a question for Annie and look forward to her response.

Annie, how do you add spice to a relationship when one partner is vanilla and the other a kinkster?

Takes this situation: for one partner, doggy style may be just too much change from the missionary position they love, yet for the other partner, chains and canes, straps to tie with and straps to spank with are what is desired. What on earth should this couple do?

Annie, you are my nominee for the the Day Dreamer Award!


Celebrating Sisterhood.

Featured Image -- 853

As a casual writer of primarily F/F erotica, I was a bit stunned to be on KittyKat’s list to receive this award. Should I ever become a blogger (as opposed to just a story teller) KittyKat, YOU will be my role model.

I love writing; it is an outlet for the side of me that those in my physical world will never see: my un-repressed sexuality, my lesbian leanings, my love of erotica.

I look at the other bloggers in my circle and marvel at their creativity, their eloquence, their ability to use different forms of prose and poetry for expression. If blogging was a competition, I would have quit long ago: the members of the Sisterhood are no match. They are quirky and sexy and articulate and most have a wonderful sense of humor. I love that humor; it makes you all real!

I will answer the questions as honestly as I can. I wish I had some of you along to make this a joint effort. It would be more fun for sure and I am sure the answers would be a lot more entertaining than my own.

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site;
  • Put the award logo on your blog;
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you;
  • Nominate seven blogs;

1.What is your favourite position?

Well, this one is a problem for me. You see, I live in two worlds: the real world and my imaginary world where anything is possible and my partners are female and the things we get up to push the bounds of credibility.

So for my real life, I am really versatile; the university era catcalls that used to be hurled at us when we had the temerity to walk past the mens’ residence (those were the days before PC agendas – it ages me!!)  of “on your back wench, spread your legs” got to me. While I didn’t then, it struck a nerve; a nerve that runs right between my thighs and  gets me wet today when I think of it. I am good on my back, submissively lying with with my legs spread wide, knees lifted high and hands holding the headboard rails, pretending they are tied up with ribbons or cuffs. Oh yes, I do use them too 🙂

But what of my other life, once that is as real to me as my physical one? I don’t have time to write it all out here, but read my story on this topic called Reflections to see how it might be. It also refers to a wonderful book that was food for that post(see the blog entry footnote) “Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions” Author: Jude Schell

Actually, most of my  blog posts and stories have spanking and lesbian sex all tied up in a wonderful concoction of sex positions, spanking positions and lesbian love – and each is a reflection of my favorite position and the fantasy running through my mind at the time of writing.

2.If you and your ten-year old self would meet and have a talk, what would she be telling you? 

I would be saying, “Follow your heart when it comes to relationships. If you want to live out your bi-sexual feelings, do that. The longer you wait, the more unlikely it will be that circumstances will allow it.”

3.What is the first bit of writing you did outside of school/homework ?

The first bit of writing outside of university work or work work was for a hypno-domme website. The domme who ran the site (a free site) put her heart and soul into it and I felt I should contribute. She asked me to write a story for the site as she wanted to start up a section for stories. It was over the new year break, so the story had a theme of candy cane. It is still the piece that gets the most hits on the two sites that it is posted – The Puppet

4. What’s your favorite song now?

I am a stick-in-the-mud who keeps coming back to my old favorites artists: Cher, Celine Dion, Carole King, Carly Simone, Adelle, The Beegees and the Eagles, Billy Joel and Queen.

My favorite though is Pink – Just Give Me a Reason. I featured Pink in a story of mine The pÜnk, only I called her Lick in that one to avoid copyright issues!  I find her so spunky, so sexy, everything I could wish for in a lover.

5. If you could tell the world just one thing what would it be?

Stop the selfish behaviour!

6.Which period of history had the best clothing?

I love the Edwardian vintage – boots and corsets and velvet.

I do also like the 60’s – wide skirts, strappy sandals, bright sunny colors, all feminine all the time.

7. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?

Those people who park at the curb right outside the shop door, blocking the traffic (all to save themselves a short walk from the nearest empty parking spot), I wish they would move on and park properly.

8. How good are you at keeping secrets?

I am good; I like to be trusted. Does it burn inside to have this hot news? Sure….but I am as secure as a chastity belt.

9. Do you have a pet? Tell us about her / him.

Trouble! An American Cocker Spaniel pup,; what a character. He is playful and loving, affectionate and tolerant.

10. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

I am in awe of all the Sisterhood who want cures for humanity.

I am so selfish! I want a machine that could enable me to be live two lives at once: my current one with my family and friends, and a dual existence where I am a lesbian living on the Isle of Mysteria.

Well, I hope that gives some insight into the fruit-cake who writes under the pen name of Gail Fae.

So here is my list of talented  ladies who I nominate for this award:



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