The Librarian – Sparkly

The Library 

I would not exactly describe the library where I worked as a warm, friendly, family environment. The Head Librarian, Mrs. Stodge,  was a battle-axe; broad, stodgy like her name, and built like a tank. She ruled the environment with a fist of iron; no talking in the library, no levity, no disturbances tolerated at all. 

We had one patron, however, who seemed to get away with murder. She had a complete disregard for the rules and seemed to flout them with impunity; how she got away with it, I never knew. In her mid-thirties, she was bubbly and vibrant, her easy-going manner paired with that self-assurance that seems to come with wealth. Her run around clothes telegraphed wealth: slim-line tailored jeans, elegant boots in the winter, high heeled sandals in the summer, embroidered white linen blouses, gold bracelets that sparkled on her wrists.  Flowing auburn hair with loose curls that drifted away from her face, caramel highlights that gave her that model’s look.  

I nicknamed her Sparkly. 

I was working the Info Desk one afternoon, when she came bouncing in accompanied by two late-teen girls. The three of them were chattering away, unconcerned by the disapproving stares that the Head Librarian was throwing their way. In a kind of exaggerated, showy way, Sparkly wound her arm around as if to throw an underhand softball pitch, and smacked one of the girls gently on her bottom.  

“Run along girls, I will see you later. Her voice was cheerful, her manner completely un-inhibited; ‘How easy it is to be like that if you are rich,” I thought peevishly. I wanted to dislike her for her sense of entitlement, but I was drawn to her, jealous of the girls that seemed to be part of her circle. 


The Interview 

She sat herself down in front of me at the Info Desk with a copy of “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty in her hand. She didn’t look at me at first and I wasn’t quite sure why she had chosen that seat. She read the writeup on the dustcover, and then flipped through the pages, seeming to read snippets from various places in the book. 

Eventually she looked up and smiled at me. I hated myself for reacting the way I did; I so wanted to dislike her, but I just couldn’t. Her manner sent gentle vibrations of pleasure through me; without even having being asked anything, I wanted to please and impress her. 

“So, what do you think? Is it just porn wrapped up as erotica, or is there something more to it than that?”  

I was dumbfounded; what on earth was I meant to answer. 

“Well, I don’t know. There is some artistic merit to it!” I stumbled, not sure where to take it. 

“Hmm..” Sparkly grew pensive, her manicured nails tapping on the spine of her book. “So do you think it is reasonable to submit to someone else just based on their status in life? That seems to be what was expected of Beauty and Tristan.” 

I was at a loss for words. 

“How about this one then,” she continued, now flipping through a copy of  The Pearl, a classic of Victorian Erotica, “Do you think the women who were birched in these stories were any better for the chastisement they received ?”  

I could feel the flush coming to my neck as she looked directly into my eyes. 

“I suppose so,” I managed to get out, “sometimes they deserved it.” 

“Ah, the librarian can talk! So, do you think it changed the way they behaved for the better?” 

I was distinctly uncomfortable with this line of questioning, but there was nowhere to go. Sparkly didn’t seem to have any intention of getting up or leaving me alone. I knew I had to answer. 

“Yes, I think they probably did behave better after they were punished,” I responded. 

Sparkly eyed me up and down, seemingly assessing me, then suddenly reached into her pocket and pulled out a business card which she dropped on the desk in front of me. 

“Come to my office this evening at 7pm, if you can. I think you will find it rewarding.” 

She turned and walked away, self confident, not even questioning whether I would do her bidding. 

I look down at the card. It was classy, shiny black with a small line drawing of a lady birching another embossed in gold at the top. Her business name was also embossed in gold; large , ornate capital letters, AAC, with the full name, Attitude Adjustment Coaching” written underneath in a much smaller, discrete font.  Her street address was tucked away on the bottom right of the card; I knew that I had no option but to accept her invitation.  

Sparkly’s Office 

“Some clients keep coming back on their own dime well after their employee mandated coaching sessions have come to an end.”  

She paused and looked directly into my eyes, waiting for my reaction.  

“Well, some women just like to be spanked!” Sparkly continued, “Don’t you?” 

I felt myself flush, not knowing where to put myself. She was not to be discouraged. 

“Oh, come on Caitlin, you read all those books on your adult shelves, I am sure. You knew full well what I was asking about in the library!” 

She was right, and suddenly I felt that things were moving out of control. I was so attracted to this vivacious women, her causal elegance, her self assured manner, but it all seemed to be moving so fast, and in a direction that I had only ever fantasized of and would never imagine myself getting involved in real life. 

We were sitting inside her office; spacious and elegant, it took up the bottom floor of an old, free-standing Victorian style house. It was one of a number in a leafy suburban, mid-town street; a green and gold sign of the house on one side showed it to be a lawyers’ office, the clinical white sign of the neighbors was that of a cosmetic surgeon; a high net-worth neighborhood to be sure! 

Dusk had fallen, blinds had been lowered across the windows, and the office was filled with a warm, muted glow of recessed lighting. It was a cozy and private space, much as I would have expected of any psychologist’s office. 

“You might be surprised at who has been sent here by their organization for some coaching, and then stays on for personal re-enforcement of the regime. Signing the guest book is a must for all my clients; take a look.” 

She flipped a leather bound, ledger size book that was sitting in the middle of her desk, around to me, and opened it to the page with the latest current entries.  

“Oh my gosh!” I gasped as I scanned down the neatly penned page. The columns were titled and each line was neatly filled out: date, name, a reason for consult, corrective action, client signature. On the fourth line from the top, there was an entry for a person I knew so well. The writing was so familiar, the name was one that gave me headaches every day. 

“02/04/17 – Eileen Stodge – Behavior reinforcement – 6  – Eileen” 

Sparkly looked at me, an amused look washing all over her face; her eyes were alive, her lips creased into a grin, her fingers twiddled a little pattern in the air. 

I was still trying to get over my shock when the door chime sounded and the door swung open. Mrs. Stodge stood still, her block-square body framed by the door, her sullen face frozen in surprise, aghast as she looked at me sitting in front of the desk with the open ledger in front of me. If looks could kill, I would have been dead.  

“What is she doing here?” She growled at Sparkly. 

“Oh, we were just chilling!” 

A pause followed….. 

“Eileen, why don’t you go and get ready and wait for me in meeting Room 1. I will be with you in a few minutes. 

The standoff was over as Eileen Stodge harrumphed, and walked down the passage to Room 1. 

Sparkly waited for a few minutes until she heard the sound of the door closing down the passage. An infectious grin spread out across her face ,dissipating the tension, causing even me to smile nervously. 

“I think you might like to observe our coaching session, Cait. Just push the door open slightly and watch through the crack.” 

“Won’t she notice? She will throw a frothy if she sees!” 

Sparkly’s peal of laughter would even have been heard down the corridor in Room 1. Her bubbly mood and sense of impunity was so contagious; I felt myself caught up in the drama, an eager participant, loving the moment. 

“Oh no,” she replied, much more quietly this time, “I think she will have other things on her mind to cope with. She won’t notice your being there at all. No chance in hell!” 

A few minutes of innocuous chatter followed; we could have just been friends. Sparkly stood up at last.  

“I think she must be ready for me now. Give us ten minutes, and then come and observe.” 

She left me, flicking through my smart phone news feed as I waited , unsure what to expect.  

Sparkly’s Office 

Sparkly had left the door to Room 1 slightly ajar, and by standing close to the wall, I was able to get a good view of what was taking place inside. I was stunned; this was not what I was expecting. It was an austere room, standing in total contrast to the warmth of the office where we had been chatting. White walls, white ceiling, harsh fluorescent lighting. A narrow, tall free-standing cupboard stood in the one corner; it was clinical to the extreme. 

There was an old, sturdy leather topped vaulting horse in the middle of the room; the last time I had seen anything like that was in my school gym many years before.  A straight backed chair was placed near the end of the vaulting horse. 

What of the occupants of the room? Mrs. Stodge was bent across the horse, her torso lying flat along the tops, bent at the waist, and her feet just reached the floor as she stood on tip-toes. She was gripping the front horse legs as far down as she could reach  She was naked from the waist down; a sharp contrast to the top of her body which still wore her business clothes: a white blouse and formal, tweed jacket.  

Her bottom was fat and flabby, painted lightly with rapidly fading bruises. A thick bush of pubic hair pushed out from between her legs; I judged her cunt lips to be slightly aroused; it was hard to really tell from where I stood.  

Sparkly sat in the high backed chair, holding a wicked looking cane in one hand and tapping it rhythmically into her other. The bubbly demeanor had vanished; she looked all business like and stern. She was driving a conversation with Mrs. Stodge, and not seeming to like the responses she was getting. 

“The atmosphere in the library still seems so down. I really think you need to do something about it. I don’t think much has changed since we last had a chat.” 

“No. A library is a place of study. We need to keep it quiet and subdued.” Mrs. Stodge’s voice was flat and icy; she wasn’t used to being told what was appropriate for the territory she controlled. 

“We will come back to that shortly.” Sparkly uncoiled herself, and slowly walked around in a loop to Mrs. Stodge’s rear. Her route was exaggerated, the click of her boots on the tiled hardwood floor echoing in the sterile room. 

It was a heavier cane, thicker than I had ever seen before. Sparkly told me later that it did not need to be whipped in very hard in order to cause considerable pain. She kept her elbow tucked in close to her body; whatever speed she generated came straight from her wrist. Her shoulder barely turned, her wrist cocked, and then there was a solid smack right across the center of the fat slab of flesh of Mrs. Stodge’s bottom.  

The cane seemed to move in slow motion; I had expected the whoosh of the stick whistling through the air, the splat of wood against flesh, but there was none of that. It dug in deeper than I thought it would, and then seemed to bounce back as if in slow motion. A vivid, red welt sprung up immediately, belying the apparent softness of the blow. A sight trembling of the skin, a clenching of her fat bottom cheeks, and then all was still, exactly the same as before – except for the welt. 

Looks can be deceiving; Mrs. Stodge must have been hurting more than I imagined. The second stroke was lower than the first, but this time she let out an audible gasp. Her head raised up, her hands broke their grips on the horse’s legs, but moments later, she was back in position, seemingly unhurt. 

The third cut caught me totally by surprise; I guessed Mrs. Stodge was equally shocked at the pain. Sparkly lifted her elbow, wound up just that much more, and delivered a much harder stroke. I fancy that I did hear the cane whoosh this time, but I can’t be certain.  It cut into bottom right across the sweet spot; flesh quivered from the stroke, and the cane bounced back a good few inches. There was no muted gasp or ‘ouch’ this time; the screech of pain was almost primordial, the anguish palpable. She pushed her torso up with her arms, looking around wildly, a mix of anger and pain and fear written across her bleak features.  

She didn’t have a chance to say anything, before the next stroke whipped down towards the top of her bottom, framing the earlier welts that were a lovely shade of red. She collapsed onto the top of the horse, sobbing, pleading with Sparkly, begging her to stop. 

“Stop, please, no more, please, I beg you!” 

Sparkly threw a glance my way, a smile flickering across her lovely face, before she walked around the far side of the horse, and resumed her seat on the straight backed chair. 

“So Eileen, I think we need to pick up where we left off earlier. The atmosphere in the library; how about a but of music over the speakers? A relaxation of the no-talking rules? A few easy chairs for readers to settle back in comfort.” 

Mrs. Stodge looked at her blankly. 

“I can’t do that.” Was her reply. 

Sparkly got up and walked back slowly to the rear of the horse. I watched her tapping her target, wondering if she was deliberately aiming skew. The two strokes that she rained down in quick succession, were no harder than the previous, yet the effect was electrifying. Two diagonal welts now crossed the fat bottom, top to bottom, bottom to top, causing a curious hatch-mark affect on the tortured rump below. 

Mrs. Stodge’s sobs were uncontrollable; it was difficult to make out her words.  

“Yes, all that you say, music, chairs, talking, I will see to it tomorrow.” 

Sparkly threw a triumphant glance my way and waved me away, telling me to head back out of sight as the performance was complete. 

As I left, I heard her resume her conversation with her stricken client: “Now next time you come, Eileen, we will be having a little session on manners. Bursting into my office without being invited in this evening, my word!! I think we need some attitude adjustment there, don’t you agree?” 

After affects 

I walked down the corridor to the washroom, and locked myself in, sitting on the toilet seat until I heard the front door chime, announcing Mrs. Stodge’s departure. It took longer than I had expected; she had to pull herself together, compose herself, re-assemble the obnoxious character that she was. Then there was the shuffle to the office; I imagined her standing in front of the desk as she signed the guest book. This time there would be a five in the penultimate column, not a six. I was sure her signature would be more squiggly, not so self assured. 

I played the scene out again in my mind, over and over again. The slow motion of the cane, the affect it had on impact. The grunts of pain that soon became squeals of anguish. Sparkly’s masterful performance, her elegance, her control. The way that she could twist even Mrs.Stodge around. I realize that as much as I was drawn to her vivacious character, I was drawn to her dominance. The more I sat there with these thoughts twirling around, the more aroused I found myself growing. 

I realized later that Sparkly was a master of relationships. Unbeknown to me, she had been sussing me out in the library; I was her mark, the one she wanted to own. She knew how I would react, how it would make me feel. As we came together in her office, I could sense the scent of arousal on her too. Her neck was flushed, her eyes had extra sparkle.  

She led me down the corridor, but it was to the stairs that went up to her private room this time. As she opened the door, and I saw the light cane on her bed, red velvet restraints and a set of velvet twisted chords. I knew what was coming to me, but I also knew that it would be that much more sensual, activities aimed at satisfying rather than for an attitude to adjust


Dark Storm Part 1V – The Trapeze

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In this episode, I conflate scenes and ideas from three works of erotica: L’Image, The Story of O and The Yellow Room. If erotica offends you, please stop reading now.

For an introduction to the characters, take a look at the foreword to Part 1 of this series.

Catherine’s Office

It was gorgeous outside on the Sunday morning when I walked across from the library to her office, and my spirits were high. Catherine was seated behind her desk when I walked in to the office. She made no mention of the punishment that she had dished out to me the previous day, nor of the tender after-event activities that had taken place straight afterwards.  I sat down on the low stool which was placed on the platform in front of her desk; I battled to maintain any dignity and realized that was probably the point.

Under her gentle guidance, I was now dressing and carrying myself more like Anne every day. I wore dresses and heels rather than jeans and flats; I might have stepped out of a sixties movie. Softly feminine styles, deep rounded collars, emphasized waistlines, full skirts that flowed down to my knees. Gaily colored floral patterns, bright yellow polka dots, baby blues and pinks, the colors were summery like the weather we were enjoying. Silky slips and petticoats that caressed my legs, a frilly lace garter belt that was for decorative purposes only; my underwear was all sensual and seductive, designed for pleasure and little else.

She was reading from a manuscript that looked like it had been printed right here in the office and bound in a clear plastic folder. Despite the way she had folded the back cover towards the front, I could make out the title: “The Story of O”.

Catherine barely acknowledged my presence, but eventually she flipped the pages back, looking for something, and then read aloud from her manuscript: “You shouldn’t sit on your slip and skirt. Pull them up behind you and sit directly on the seat.”

She waited; the air seemed to grow cold.

“Well?” she prompted.

With difficulty, I raised myself off the stool a bit, and complied.

I watched her eyes track down the page, searching for a phrase. My own breathing seemed to have stopped. At last she found what she had been searching for further on in the text.

“You will remember at all times, or as constantly as possible, that you have lost your right to privacy or concealment, and as a reminder of this fact, in our presence, you will never close your lips completely, or cross your legs, or press your knees together.”

A deathly silence filled the room.

“Anne, do I make myself clear?”

I flushed at her admonishment; it was partial instruction, partial rebuke. Self-consciously, I drew my feet apart and spread my thighs. My jaw dropped slightly and I hoped I looked as pretty as O and not like some imbecile.

Catherine suddenly glanced at her watch and rose quickly from behind the desk. Taking me by the upper arm, she urged me to stand and then steered me out the door.

“Come on Anne, we are meeting Camille at the park and I don’t want to be late.”

“I need to go to the washroom, before we go out,” I responded to her. Perhaps I didn’t ask deferentially enough, perhaps it was because she felt that I had assumed it was my right, but her answer was totally unexpected.

“No Anne, you can just hold it in!”

I bit back a retort and said nothing. On the one hand, I felt peeved that she so easily put me down, yet on the other she had just made my day! She had been calling me Anne!

The Park

We met Camille at the entrance to High Park. She had obviously come from the lingerie shop where she worked. She was dressed for work and carried a handbag slung from her forearm. Most intriguing, was the beautifully presentation box she held at her side; about eighteen inches long and three inches wide, it was black with the name of her lingerie shop embossed in gold. A pale blue ribbon with a crisp bow on the top tied it all up.

She greeted Catherine effusively; they did that cute continental cheek to cheek kiss which I find so alluring, and then she turned towards me and nodded hello. The downturned smile on her lips, the slight tile of her head, the almost imperceptible twitch at the corner of her mouth; the body language said it all. “You are Catherine’s submissive; you and I have different status, so let’s keep it that way.”

Catherine took Camille’s arm and led her into the park. Rose bushes lined the paved way, people walked past, coffee cups in hand, soaking up the summer weather. I held back a few steps; I was obviously not to be part of the Catherine / Camille conversation. The further we walked, the more downhearted I became. I felt jealous of Camille’s relationship with Catherine, angry at the way she was monopolizing her attention, upset that I seemed now to be nothing but an after-thought.

Catherine left the main pathway, and we soon found ourselves in a secluded grove of birches. I was a bit stunned when she turned on me; her language was harsh, her tone uncompromising.

“Well Anne, you wanted to pee, so now get down and pee!”

I was stunned. My heart seemed to stop and I wished the ground would swallow me up. I looked at Camille; she had a quizzical smirk on her lovely face.

“I don’t need to Catherine! I am so sorry for earlier.”

“Anne, get down now and pee! Now!”

I looked around to see if anyone was watching us but we were hidden in our secluded glade. Slowly, I bent down, raising my skirts and petticoat as I squatted.

“Spread your feet, Anne, you don’t want to mess on them.”

Burning with shame, I complied, looking down at the ground, desperately wishing the moment away. Nothing came; I there was no way that I could perform under those circumstances.

“Pull your skirts higher Ann!” She seemed out to goad me.

“Look at me, Anne!”

As I looked up, Catherine smacked me lightly across my face; humiliating but not hugely painful.

The flood burst and I looked down to see my waters spray down onto the dirt, creating a little stream that flowed away, around a grass tuft, soaking slowly into the baked, red ground. I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks; tears of humiliation, my shame on display.

The Garter Belt

Camille had accompanied us back to her office. I stood on my platform in front of Catherine’s desk while she opened the box that Camille had brought

The lid was lifted slowly and a smile crept across Catherine’s face, replacing her sullen demeanor with something that was far more scary to me. Slowly she pulled out the contents; it looked to be a wide, white belt with lacy edges. Four white ribbons were attached at intervals along the belt.

“Oh Cami, that looks perfect! Let’s try it on right now!” Catherine exclaimed.

Camille approached me with a smile; it was that same look that she had given me in the park.

“Anne, may I?” She asked, holding the belt up for me to see.

I nodded, almost imperceptibly, knowing full well where this was headed. I had read the same copy of The Yellow Room, a classic example of Victorian erotica, that sat on the corner of Catherine’s desk.

Camille reached under my skirts and secured the belt as high up around my waist as she could. Her fingers trailed delicately across my skin, caressing me under the cover of my dress. A tickle she gave me with her little finger sent shivers down my spine, flames of arousal caused by her closeness were instantaneously kindled. I breathed in the lovely scent that radiated around her; notes of orange blossom and  jasmine, hibiscus and cedar wood; light and summery, fresh and feminine.

She delicately threaded the ribbons under the elastic of my petticoat and let them hang down my legs. There were two in the front and two at the back, white ribbons that painted stripes down my thighs.

Standing up, Camille joined me on my platform. She tackled the right side first, pulling the ribbon up from the front and back, and tying them together in a secure bow on top of my shoulders. The left side followed pretty quickly. I stood still as she fussed around me, making my skirts that had been pulled up by the ribbons neat and presentable; it seemed that Camille also knew that Catharine was very particular about appearance and dress!

“Thank her, Anne!”

Camille and I knew the expectation by now. We leaned in towards each other, our lips touching. Her eyes lifted up to mine, her eyebrows raised in a smile. I felt the tip of her tongue trace a path across my lips, dart in for just a moment, and then she pulled back chastely. The coffee on her breath was so personal, her actions so intimate. I felt the telltale signs of my arousal, the promise of an encounter, the frustration of withdrawal.

With my skirts now pulled up and out of the way, Catherine’s version of The Yellow Room was under way.


There was a small, old-style school desk at the side of Catherine’s office. It was wooden with a slanted lift-up top and a hole for an inkwell at the top. I struggled to ease myself into the attached bench seat; this was furniture designed for lithe teenagers and not for middle aged librarians!  The wood felt cold and hard against my naked bottom, and I noticed a slick where my personals came into the contact with the surface. The glint of arousal was a reminder of my inner conflict: how could I, a rational person, subject myself to such abuse, and in my perversity, find it arousing?

At Catherine’s command, I removed a pad of paper and a fountain pen from the inside the desk.

“Fifty lines, Anne! I want no mistakes and remember that EVERY character must be legible and neat.”

This was like being back in detention, only worse. Camille watched with that amused look flitting across her gentle face. Self-consciously, I pulled my thighs together, desperately trying to regain my composure and show just a modicum of  self respect.

“Anne!” Catherine scolded, “I thought we had been through this already. Remember what I read to you?”

She picked up the Story of O manuscript from her desk; she had no trouble finding her place this time.

“You will remember at all times, or as constantly as possible, that you have lost your right to privacy or concealment, and as a reminder of this fact, in our presence, you will never close your lips completely, or cross your legs, or press your knees together.”

“…but it seems you have forgotten!” She continued, “I will give you something to help you remember after you have finished your lines.”

Once again, I flushed at her rebuke, complying immediately, wondering what Camille thought of me sitting there with my lips and thighs parted like those of a whore.

I waited expectantly for her to tell me what to write, but I already new from The Yellow Room what it was likely to be.

It came at last, pretty much as I had expected.

‘I pee’d like a mare before my mistress and Camille.’ Fifty times Anne, and I want that done perfectly. No crossings out, no errors. When you have finished it, you may sign it and hand it in.”

With shaking hands, I started to write. I got to the fifth line when I made my first mistake. Looking up, to see if Catherine and Camille were  watching, I self consciously tore the top sheet off and started again.

Their tête-à-tête had resumed; I assumed that whatever had kept them so engaged at the park was back up for discussion. Every now and then I noticed them glancing my way; perhaps I was the subject?  I was half way through my lines when the realization struck: I was being told by Catherine to affirm in these lines that she was my mistress!! I felt a wave of elation, a rush of joy. Catherine was my mistress, I belonged to her. Our relationship had moved on to a new level. I WAS Anne, Catherine WAS my mistress. This was my new reality.

I wrote the last few lines and then signed my lines with a flourish.

“I pee’d like a mare before my mistress and Camille

I pee’d like a mare before my mistress and Camille

I pee’d like a mare before my mistress and Camille

yours, Anne”.

Struggling out from behind my desk with my lines in hand, I walked across to Catherine and waited deferentially at her side until it was polite to interrupt.

The Trapeze

There were six willow switches standing in the tall, blue vase on the bookshelf behind her desk. Six switches that I had peeled and smoothed, switches which I had known all along would mark my body, make me cry, make me plead for her mercy. I walked across to the vase, feeling the eyes on my naked bottom, wondering what Camille was thinking, wondering if she was aroused by my shameful situation.

Catherine took them from me and laid them onto her desk.

“Kiss them Anne, and then go and stand between the posts.”

A rope had been slung between the two support  posts that were now at each side of her office, and two velvet cuffs were suspended in the middle. Catherine used these to fasten my wrists above my head, and she then pulled the rope taught until I was standing on the balls of my feet. With a switch in her hand, she walked around me, pacing herself, deliberate steps, each of which raised the tension. When I didn’t think I could take it any longer, she stopped right in front of me.

“I will teach you not to close your legs!”

She spat these words out venomously, her perpetual scowl taking on a more menacing look. I was vaguely aware of Camille watching from my side, but as my fear grew, my self consciousness dropped.

Suddenly Catherine slashed me across the front of my right thigh with the willow, leaving a burning stripe of pain. Squealing, I raised my leg in anguish, losing my balance, finding myself suspended my by aching arms. Catherine stepped behind me, and delivered a volley of cuts across the back of my legs. Wildly contorting, kicking out, twirling around; there was nothing I could do to avoid the whipping, nothing I could do to control my movements.

The tip of the switch cut my inner thigh, a new intensity of pain driving me crazy, causing me to cry out, plead for her to stop. Like an out of control puppet, I swung from the trapeze, her swishing teaching me a lesson I would never forget.

Catherine did stop at last when she felt that I had probably taken enough, and then she lowered my cuffed wrists to head height, but left them locked in their velvet restraints. She stood in front of me with the switch until my sobbing died down. My head hung down, exhausted, my arms racked with pain, and my thighs and calves burned from the punishment received.

All my doubt as to whether the relationship between Catherine and Camille was platonic or not evaporated in the next instant. Their arms encircled each other, their lips locked. I watched in shock as Catherine’s fingers burrowed their way up under Camille’s skirt, felt my own arousal growing as their passions played out. With my own body on fire, a wonderful blend of arousal and pain, I watched and waited patiently for my own release.

The Note

The Situation

“The trouble with me punishing you, Caitlin” Anne-Marie opined, “is that you have become immune to it!”

Anne-Marie was in lecture mode; I hate it when she is like that! I have to admit that she was right, to some extent. Yes, the spanking were painful, the belt and the cane so much more so than her hand, yet after a while the pain wore off and was replaced by the most pleasant of glows. It was a glow that I had come to love, one that stoked fires and spread life to nerves that should have been out of play. It was almost worth wile copping a punishment to have that pressure start to build and a fiery orgasm build.

I was standing in front of her desk, with the back of my skirt pinned up, and my panties down around my ankles. Yet, even standing in front of her like that in what should have been a humiliating way, I felt no embarrassment, just irritation at her lecturing. She had seen me in so many compromising positions during all sorts of activities that one sees when sharing a home: being spanked, being loved, sitting in a bath, or masturbating to climax; this was hardly an eye opener.

She put down the cane which she had been flexing between her fingers; long, strong fingers, I noted, which were beautifully manicured. I had visions of her holding a musical instrument with them, perhaps tapping rhythmically on the keys of a flute, or delicately grasping the bow of a cello. Instead, she picked up her pen and drew a notepad towards her. She eyed me contemplatively, and then wrote out a short note in her flowery script, signing it with a flourish.

“Here, take this,” she instructed me, handing the folded note to me over the desk. “When you bring it back signed, I will punish you. Perhaps this will bring the embarrassment of punishment back into your life.”

“Get it signed? By whom? What is the note?”

“Get is signed by anyone, Caitlin; I don’t care who.”

She dropped her eyes and returned to the work on her desk, dismissing me, shutting me out of her mind. I hated being ignored, being shut out like that; it was the worst kind of punishment. Dejected and confused, I left the room, clutching the note in my hand.

The Dilemma

Without knowing what I had to get signed, I knew I had to do it; Anne-Marie would just shut me out until I did, and I simply couldn’t live with that. Anything I had to put up with would be preferable to be being cut off behind the invisible walls she erected.

The stationery was Anne-Marie all-over: elegant and tasteful, no expense had been spared. Her signature monogram, an inter-twined “A” and “M” in gold-edged navy blue, graced the top left of the note card, a delicate bouquet of meadow flowers was hand painted in pastel shades on the top right.

Her script was flowing and feminine: “Caitlin is going to be spanked with a cane. She may want to tell you about it.”

The blood drained from my face as I read these words.

The second and final sentence on the notelette caused my heart to thump.

“Please sign below to indicate that she has told you all you wish to know.”

That was it!

The evil genius of this tactic put me into a spin. Who on earth could I get to sign this note? I certainly couldn’t go to my friends or family; I could picture the paroxysms of laughter and ridicule that something like this would invoke. My co-workers, my doctor, my hairdresser, the librarian, the barista……

I spun the list through my mind, frantically searching for a person who I could go to. I drank a cup of coffee alone; I was banished from Anne-Marie’s presence until this issue was resolved. Should I go onto The Net and put a request on one of the forums, or perhaps a CraigsList encounter? Every option seemed to be too dangerous or too personal.

Tucking the note into my purse, I headed out onto the street and down into the subway; I was desperate for inspiration.

A Solution

I emerged out of the subway into a part of city that I was generally unfamiliar with. It was trendy and vibrant, the people in the streets extroverted and uninhibited. It was a far cry from the genteel and reserved public displays that I was accustomed to in the suburbs. Tattered jeans, hair dyed in neon colors, nose rings and tattoos. For a wonderful moment my mind was taken away from my pressing dilemma, but as I walked down Queen Street, panic once again gnawed at my insides.

Desperation spurs fresh thinking! I was walking past an adult shop when the inspiration struck. Canes and floggers were on display in the window, mannequins were dressed in leathers, gags and slave collars adorning their lifeless figures. One mannequin was dressed as a schoolgirl holding a leather strap, and yet another was depicted sitting a low, old-fashioned school desk on which lay a notepad and a cane. The establishment was named “The Headmistress’s Office”; quite appropriate, I noted wryly.

The best way to describe the sales assistant was “schoolmarmish”. Crisp cotton blouse, hair pinned back in a bun, reading glasses perched on the end of her nose; she looked dry and priggish. There was barely a flicker of acknowledgement as I approached her tentaively, Anne Marie’s note clutched carefully hand. My mouth had dried up and my heart was beating.

“Well, what can I do for you?” she inquired. Her voice was raspy, her manner taciturn.

I handed the note across to her, and stood waiting in front of the counter, my hands fidgeting with the hem of my skirt, my eyes downcast. I had flashbacks to an incident in my schooldays when I had stood just like this in front of the headmistress’s desk. It had not gone well, and I had walked out of her office some time later with tears running down my cheeks, and pain coursing through my bottom.

“Miss Courtney,” she said, addressing a younger, but equally severely dressed lady ,who had joined her behind the counter, “please take over for me out here. I need to go back to the office and address a matter with this young lady.”

She opened a door, and beckoned me into her office.

The Office

She was sitting behind her desk, the note laid out in front of her, looking at me expectantly.

“Well, girl, what is this all about?”

The fact that I was a professional woman in my mid thirties seemed to have escaped her.

Her fingers drummed impatiently on the note, waiting for me to start. I seemed to be back in that time warp; this was schooldays all over again.

I could feel that my face was flushed and I could hear my voice trembling nervously as I began to speak. I explained my relationship with Anne Marie and how on occasion, I failed to live up to her expectations. This morning I had been particularly immature – a tantrum, a blatant disregard for the decorum of the household, a snippy comment in response to a request.

As I spoke, I realised that deep inside, I really was still a little girl; the thirty-five something woman was simply a façade, an illusion that fooled most but through which others saw right through; Anne Marie, and this woman in front of me were two who came immediately to mind.

I confessed to this stranger, expressed my regret at my behavior, and promised I would never do it again.

At last she seemed satisfied, and with a disdainful look at me, she signed the note. My relief turned to panic as she picked it up and rather than handing it to me, she slid it into the desk’s top drawer.

“Please may I have it back? I need to take it back to Anne Marie!”

The woman stared at me, and then a sardonic grin played across her pursed lips.

“You gave me the note. It’s mine. To get it back you will have to pay.”

My mind rushed; this was a shakedown that I could never have anticipated!

There was no shortage of merchandise in the office;  I had already realised why the establishment was called “The Headmistress’s Office”. The currency of payment also became quickly apparent. Moments later, I found myself stretched across the desk, legs spread wide and my skirt flipped up. Cold fingers tugged at my panties elastic, dragging them down to stretch tautly across my buckled knees.

Her inspection of me seemed interminable and her snarky comments cut to the chase. With each comment, she tapped at the offending body part with the tip of the cane, driving her point home and putting me down. Sometimes the taps were light, sometimes she traced a pattern with the dreadful implement, sometimes she flicked me painfully on my most sensitive skin.

I felt vulnerable and shamed, yet strangely aroused.

Her comments were biting: “A chubby bottom you have here, girl!”; “These thunder thighs were made to take a belting!”, “Oh look, your quim is getting aroused; you really are a nasty piece of works.”

And so it went on, no real pain administered, but a shaming the likes of which I had never previously experienced.

Without warning, the physical punishment began.

I had forgotten how vicious a caning felt. Strokes of pain that deepened with every second; the crack of wood against flesh; bundles of nerves that erupted into excruciating pain. Pain layered on pain. Just when the previous wave was starting to subside, a new and even more ferocious assault on already battered flesh. I seemed to be living in a waking nightmare. Tears and snot dribbling onto the desk; legs kicking uncontrollably in a desperate attempt to find relief, heels hammering loudly on the hardwood floor, fingers clutching wildly to grasp the  edge of the desk.

I felt overcome by shame: shame at being whipped, shame at having to offer my bottom like that; shame at having my privates exposed to a stranger, shame at having my perverted arousal out on display.

Anne Marie’s words came flooding back to me then: “The trouble with me punishing you, Caitlin,” Anne-Marie opined, “is that you have become immune to it!”

This was different; this was someone seeing me at my most vulnerable and layering on the punishment and shame.

I gratefully retrieved the note from that woman at last, and gingerly made my way out of the shop and headed down Queen Street towards the subway entrance. It was a long trip back to Anne-Marie’s apartment on the train; I had to stand the whole way.

On the one hand, I dreaded going back up to face her, to face the music and pay my outstanding penalty, for I knew that regardless of what had just taken place, I still had a spanking due. On the other hand, I had her note and knew that she would take me back in again, and all would be forgiven and made right again once all dues had been paid.

The Traveller

Amsterdam, Schipol Airport, Gate F52 – 10:15am

I spent my time waiting for the connecting flight to London window shopping and feeling just a little lonely. Every now and again, a fellow traveler caught my eye. I can fall in lust a dozen times a day when I travel; young ladies, mature ladies, ones with captivating expressions, ones that have that lost and vulnerable look.

I am a slightly nervous traveler; I like to be, wherever I have to be, early. I went through to my gate as soon as it opened, breezed through security and sat waiting patiently for the boarding to start.

I watched my fellow travelers come through the security check; most were docile and their faces were deadpan.

She was different! She wasn’t stunningly beautiful, but she was certainly attractive. Her expressive eyes were framed by a curtain of long straight hair that was cut off straight in crisp, sharp bangs. Her body was trim, her movements completely feminine. Her style was shabby-chic: a delicate, pastel peach knitted blouse, designer jeans that fell well short of her ankles, canvas deck shoes suitable for a millionaire’s yacht.

It was her expression and easy manner that got my attention first. Her face went from serious to smiling in just a flash, and then back to that serious, concerned look again. While others were dispassionate during the security check, she submitted gracefully, raising her arms up high, smiling and conversing easily with the staff on point.

I took a deep breath when she sat down besides me; usually I get someone who I have no interest in at all. I am jealous of people who are so socially adept, striking up conversations with strangers, forming bonds with people who they have never met. My eyes were down watching her hands, her manicured and painted fingers deftly slotting her passport and boarding card into her purse.

She had that self assured and gracious nature that seems to come so naturally to people of means; class and poise, the ability to dominate without being overbearing. Within minutes she had dissected me and separated me from some of my most private thoughts: where I was going, why I was traveling alone? Why I was breaking a business trip for a few nights to be in London, what was I planning to do on my own?

Her smile melted me, her manner warmed me. It was if we were in our own bubble with no other travelers around. She was inquisitive without seeming to be prying, lent a sympathetic ear to hear me out.

She naturally boarded first; business class always gets that privilege. She tapped me on my wrist and favored me with that smile once more, and then she was gone, walking with that self assured manner; the world was her oyster.

I boarded ten minutes later, and walking down the aisle, I sheepishly looked her way. Had I blabbed too much, would she be thinking I was a bit flakey? Was there anything of my personal life that I hadn’t spilled in her ear?

She rewarded me with that smile again, and handed me a business card as I walked past.

“Eight o’clock at my apartment tonight? I so hope you can be there!”

And then I was past her, the pressure of the others boarding pushing me on. Down towards the rear of the plane, but I was already living my dream.

Chloé’s Appartment, Knightsbridge, London

She opened the door for me and invited me in. Chloé was dressed similarly to the way she had been the previous day, wedges with a floral pattern replacing her deck shoes. She looked so cool and feminine and fresh; I definitely felt overdressed! Her fragrance was gentle and feminine, subtle notes of spring flowers that were fresh and light.

Chloé placed her hands lightly on my shoulders and drew me in, instantly dispelling any lingering unease that I had. I felt that I was walking on a cloud, the soft, cream pile surrendering beneath my feet, her delicate lips locking gently with mine. Her tongue traced a sideways pattern across my lips, and as she pulled me closer, her kissing took on a more urgent tone. Her breath was sublime, her fragrance intoxicating; time seemed to stand still as I drank it all in.

Chloé pulled away at last and as she did, she gave my lower lip a hard nip. The pain startled me, and I heard myself yelp. I opened my eye to see her smile; it was mischief and lust and cruelty all rolled into one.

“Did that hurt, sweetie?” she asked, ever so innocently?

I found myself rubbing my lip with the tip of my finger, astonished, but somewhat aroused.

I had lost my voice, felt the constrictions of arousal tightening across my chest. I nodded, yes, that definitely hurt.

“Good! That’s what I intended!”

The smile left her face; I once again marveled at how instantaneously it came and went.

“Now, you know what you are here for. Get your clothes off and folded away. There is a mat for you to kneel on in the lounge; I will see you in there in just a mo’.”

The smile flashed across her face once again.

“Oh, I am going to have such fun with you! You are just right!”

She turned and walked out of the apartment lobby, that sense of self confidence once again blowing me away. Even in my shaken state, I realized that I had two options: I could walk away or I could get undressed. I slowly started to unbutton my blouse, and folded it carefully as she had told me to do.

Minutes later, naked, I walked self consciously into the sitting room, The carpet felt wonderfully luxurious beneath my feet, and the tastefully decorated room reassured me; classic furniture, delicate floral paintings on the wall, lacy net curtains that ruffled gently across the windows in the evening breeze.

A square of carpet lay a few feet in front of a pink boudoir chair; I knew instinctively that was where I was meant to be. I knelt on it, spread my knees and laid my hands, palms up, on my thighs. My back was straight, my eyes looking straight ahead; I had seen photos of Gorean models kneeling like this and had always been consumed with envy; now, at last, my dream had come true.

A touch of pain, a hint of sadism

Chloé had a way with words; the way she expressed things made it very difficult not to agree. She seemed to make the most outlandish propositions seem so reasonable and she had this wonderful ability to turn a compliment into a command.

“Your posture is so beautiful, Caitlin” she pronounced as she walked back into the room, “it is exactly the way a Gorean slave would wait!”

Her voice was mellifluous, her smile enchanting.

“I do believe that Gorean slaves are normally depilated, down there. Aren’t they?”

I think I nodded my agreement; it all seems such a blur looking back!

She led me on, almost hypnotically, making it seem so normal to be following her lead.

As I lay on my back on her bed, a fluffy white towel underneath me, and watched her face as she scraped away with a cut-throat razor, I felt a mix of fear and thrill. When the blade hovered over my clit and she scratched away at the residual strands of hair in the vicinity, her eyes caught mine and that smile lit up. I wished that she would be focused on what she was doing and not on my reaction; she seemed to be feeding on my fear, enjoying the terror that must have shown in my eyes.

I realised then how wrong I had been to type-cast sadists. She was enjoying and playing on my fear and I had no doubt that she would delight in my pain, yet she was so beautiful, so enigmatic, so feminine, so refined.

Some time later, I found myself lying across a low padded stool, my bottom waiting to receive her attention. Once again, I felt that pit of fear in my stomach, but this time it was coupled with the arousal I had expected: a tightening of my chest and a palpable warmth spreading out from my breasts. I had no doubt my pouting sex was engorged; shameless now, I didn’t even care!

Chloé had shed her shoes by now, but not her outer clothes and she padded around me in a predatory manner. She flicked the cane menacingly at times, keeping up a constant monologue designed to instil fear. She was going to whip my bottom so that I wouldn’t be able to still on the plane trip home; she was going to fuck me senseless with her largest strapon; she was going to make me feel like the worthless slave I had wanted to be.

My angst grew by the moment, fueled by her menace, exacerbated by my exposed position.

I don’t suppose the swishing I received was any more harsh than ‘six of the best’ that schoolboys used to receive on a regular basis, but the pain shocked me and my helplessness to respond or take avoiding action frustrated me. I cried after the first three cuts, and begged her to stop, not knowing how much she had in store for me.

Chloé relished my pain and predicament; her fingers traced the welts after every stroke, relishing the heat and texture of the freshly caned skin. Her fingers probed my cunt ensuring that my arousal was maintained; it was a curious mixture of sadism and passion.

“Your pain and fear excites me, Caitlin,” she offered after one of the strokes. “You do like to please me, don’t you?”

I could only nod in agreement as the tears coursed down my cheeks; the pleasure she showed in my pain actually fed my arousal.

I was invited to pleasure Chloé after my ‘six of the best’; there was no doubt that my spanking had left her in need! She had removed her clothes and sat on the velvet boudoir chair, thighs well spread, and pulled my head in tight. When my pace slowed down, she lashed me with a light flogger to urge me on.

And as much as her pleasure in my discomfort aroused me, her passion excited me even more. Her sexual satisfaction and satisfaction with my performance and submission was a prelude to a wild and passionate night, one where she dominated without causing pain, let her compassion balance her sadistic needs.

She was right: I did battle to sit comfortably on my return flights, but it was worth it and a discomfort I loved.

The Equestrienne Lodge – Part 5 – The Symphony of Pain

The Pit

Raven returned to the tack room early in the afternoon. She did a quick inspection of the leather belt that I had been shining, and grunted her approval. That same condescending smile flickered on her lips as she held the strap up to her nose and sniffed it; the lingering smell of my juices that I had used to add the final polish was obviously evident, but not unexpected.

Moments later, I found myself mounted on the saddle that was sitting on the trestle. My hands had been shackled again, and the chain was attached with a sturdy clasp to the pommel. Raven tugged the stirrup straps tight, and pulled them as short as they would go; once again I was in that most vulnerable of positions, with my bottom high and spread and my hands pulled forward.

“I think you are becoming quite accomplished at adopting this position!” she smirked, “I heard all about it from Emmette.” My thoughts flashed back to the my visit the previous weekend, when Emmette, to my intense embarrassment, had found me abusing myself on this same saddle and had strapped me as punishment. It was a shameful episode and one that I would have preferred to have been forgotten. Instead, it seemed she had spread the word amongst the staff; I would never be able to feel secure that my humiliating secret would be forgotten.

I had come to hate that position, even though I had only known it for a week. It represented all things I despised about myself: my proclivity for self abuse, my inclination to rub myself on unsuspecting surfaces, my yearning for shame, my sordid desires, my wish for submission and my achievement of sexual satisfaction through totally surrendering control.

The position was physically degrading as well, offering unfettered access to my sexual parts, exposing my cunt’s lips and even my most private part of all: my bottom hole. My tender surfaces were exposed, where the pain of a simple pinch or flick was magnified in measures; a light kiss from the tip of a strap in any of these spots would be an agony I couldn’t bear.

Raven languidly slapped my raised backside with the strap; half a dozen strokes in quick succession that burned like hell and caused me to yelp. I felt my bottom sway in a futile attempt to wish away the pain and to avoid further contact from the strap, but there was no relief possible and no where to go. Her hands felt cool as she rubbed my agitated flesh, but when her fingers dipped between my crack and touched my pussy lips, I knew that it was for more than sensual reasons that she was stroking my skin; she was testing my arousal, seeing whether I was turned on.

“A bit engorged, slightly damp, but not very turned on,” she pronounced, “we shall have to see what we can do about that!”

I wished she hadn’t announced it so loudly, it was something I felt should be kept between her and me; I was acutely aware of Emmette, out of sight, but chained to the low beam in the room next door. That situation for Emmette didn’t last very long; I felt Raven lay the polished strap down on my back, and then with a slap on my raised rump, she went behind the mirror door. I heard the low murmurings of an exchange between her and Emmette, and then the sound of shackles being shaken and flesh being smacked.

I watched enraptured as Emmette was lead out, her hands chained in front of her, her head bowed in submission. She was taken to a second trestle about ten feet from my own, and reinforced with a vicious cut across her backside from a crop that Raven now held, she was encouraged to lean lengthways along the bar. Her tummy rested on a thick saddle blanket that lay across the top and her face was towards me, an expression of submission in her eyes. I watched  her spread her legs wide; Raven attach her ankles to the trestle legs with sets of leather straps.

Symphony of pain

Raven was the conductor, a role which she relished.

That now familiar, supercilious smile twisted at the sides of her bright red lips, and she leant forward across Emmette, as if mounting her from behind. She  rubbed the crop lightly through Emmette’s cunt lips, angles gently changing as she sought to illicit a tune. She played Emmette like a violin, the black crop moving back and forward rhythmically, tweaking out notes of pleasure, the warm up to The Symphony of Pain.

Emmette’s gasps of pleasure excited me, and I found myself moving sliding along the saddle in concert, my movements timed by the bow in Raven’s hand, my breathing an accompaniment to Emmette’s moans. I was oblivious to the shame of my arousal, the juices of my passion lubricating the saddle; I was part of an orchestra playing a score, and my soul was at one with the other participants out there.

I was in awe of the harshness of the opening bars but it didn’t slow me down or dampen my play. Raven  launched into vigorous set of three cuts across Emmette’s backside, followed by an ominous triplet of three soft taps. Emmette bore these stoically, but, perfectly timed to the luscious repeat of another bar, her sweet voice began to sing. Her cries of agony were marked on the score as fortissmo, and her solo performance didn’t disappoint; her eyes screwed tight in concentration, and her mouth opened wide in a erotic song of pain.

Raven turned to me next and played with my exposed flesh, as if it was a delicate instrument to be plucked; she pinched and released my pussy lips, flicked my engorged clit with her nails. I squirmed and struggled and tried to escape, but I knew from Emmette’s perfromance, that these were just the opening bars.

There was little burtality in the leathering I got, as she rather showed her mastery through the finesse she had developed. She carefully picked places for the strap to bite, and in a few short moments, I was howling in pain. An excruciating flick on my pussy lips was quickly followed by the strap’s tip biting into my bum crease. A kiss of the leather tongue on my bottom hole was enough to unleash howls of distress; a wickedly aimed slash across the crease where thighs meet bottom, created a welt that would ensure I would not sit comfortably for days.

The realisation struck me later, that while Emmette had dommed me into submission, Raven played a different game, getting off on her sadistic ways.

As a conductor of The Symphony of Pain, she delighted in the musical responses we offered. Our bodies swayed in rhythm to the tune, matching the beat of her baton; we were our own audience, turned on by the performance we gave.

And for Emmette and I, the other’s pain was piquant, delivering a pleasantly biting arousal, on which we would later get off.

The Final Movement

I had often wondered how it would be, if there were three in bed; who would lead and who would follow, what would the other’s role be?

While Emmette had been dominant with me, her manner in bed was always sensual. She delighted in her femininity, took pleasure in the gentle ways of the domme. Silken bonds, heady perfumes, a delicate touch to arouse, a smack to encourage compliance. When she had leathered me in the tack room that day, it had been as punishment for a transgression of mine rather than a draught to slake her sexual need.

Raven was very different, even though she was femme to the core. She got off on others’ pain; their cries were a powerful aphrodisiac, igniting a burning thirst that needed to be quenched.

The final movement of our symphony, picked up on themes from earlier that day. It was a beautiful piece that had touches of it all,  as we all had fires that needed to be put out.

Emmette’s gentle kissing and stroking was accompanied by a more brutal pounding from Raven, her animal lust driving her need to be fulfilled. While Emmette took delight in my passionate response, Raven used us like human sex toys, her sadistic power being the key to our on/off switch.

She rode my tongue hard, as she crouched over my face, the juices of her lust flowing fast and free. She was uninhibited as she wiggled around on my mouth, making sure that I pleasured her bits and satisfied her needs. When my efforts flagged, and I felt that I needed to stop, Raven would ensure that I carried on; a twisted nipple or a slapped breast motivated me while re-kindling her fires.

And while this was all happening, sweet Emmette was between my spread legs. Her tongue was gently nibbling my cunt, her thumb urgently strumming my demanding clit. I could feel her mounting my lower leg, putting pressure on her own lubricated parts, sliding up and down in a frictionless hump, desperately trying to cum on her own.

We all lay together in Emmette’s bed after that, Raven getting up only to order us a meal. 

Oh, the benefits of sleeping with the proprietor of an establishment, where room service consisted of champagne on ice and two hot bodies to slake any thirst.

The Equestrienne Lodge – Part 4 – Shackled and Shamed

Down the Bridle Path

The walk down the Bridle Path to the stables was less traumatic than I imagined it would be. I did worry about being seen; perhaps a chance, off-season visitor would visit The Equestrienne Lodge, or perhaps a gardener would be out pruning the shrubs before the onset of winter. We saw no-one, and apart from the occasional tap on my rear from Raven’s paddle, the five minute transit was mercifully not witnessed.

On the few occasions that she did rap me and urge me to get me knees up, or to pick up my pace,  or to hold my head up high, or to push my shoulders back, it was more the shock of the paddle’s sudden impact  than the pure pain that surprised me and caused me to yelp. I found myself responding to her commands instantaneously, no longer trying to reach back futilely with my manacled hands. 

The sweat was pouring off me by the time we got to the stables; it dripped down my forehead, ran in streams from beneath my armpits and I could feel it dripping down from my stomach into my pubis.

Raven looked me up and down, then reached forward into my personal space. I watched horrified as she extended an index finger and then ran it from the bottom up to the top of my sweaty cunt.Tracing her way down again, she wiggled it, and then gently pushed it forward, penetrating my depths. She found no resistance; my state of arousal welcomed her in.

Whether it was by chance or design, I cannot say, but I do know that the tip of her finger rested on a most sensitive spot. Still inside me, her fingers hooked up, she started to massage a spot that nearly made me go wild. I wanted to pull away, to break free from her spell, but the urge to ride it out got stronger with each moment that passed. I felt I wanted to squirt, to cum, to whimper in delight; to my horror, my arousal grew and my juices flowed like a river, showing me up for the wanton slut that I really was.

She was looking me in the eye, a trace of a smile playing at the corner of her lips; a look of cruelty mixed with compassion, disdain with understanding. She pulled out suddenly, leaving me high and dry, with me wishing that she had finished me off, desperately glad that she hadn’t and that she had left me alone.

“Got a bit of a sweaty box, now, do we?” Raven inquired cruelly, “Well, wait until it dries out and then feel how uncomfortable it will be.”

I flushed with shame, and followed her self consciously through the stables to the tack room. I had been there before; it was where Emmette had witnessed my shameful acts of self abuse as I rode a saddle that had been resting on a trestle, where Emmette had leathered me unmercifully for using her tack without her permission, and from where Emmette had led me away at the end of a halter and down to the pools to wash off and make love under a full moon.

The Tack Room

The tack room was large by any standards and it provided plenty of space for Emmette’s debauched activities that were staged there! I followed Raven to the back corner where a pile of straw was stacked and a few odds and ends were laid out neatly along the edge of a coarse saddle blanket. Despite my being behind Raven, I kept my knees up and parallel to the ground with each step and endeavored to keep a straight posture, for who knew when she might turn around suddenly?

She pointed down at the blanket and commanded me to kneel.

“This will be your spot until I come to leather you, do you understand? You are not to move off it.”

I knelt and looked up at her, tears starting to run down my cheeks. Despite my aching thighs and tender backside, they were tears of self pity rather than tears of pain.

“Oh for goodness sake, girl, stop the blubbing already! You are so pathetic!”

She squatted down at my side, and picked up a foot length strap of leather, a shoe brush and a tin of polish.

“By the time I get back, I want this strap to be polished as shiny as a pair of soldier’s boots. If it meets with my approval, I will whip you with it. Do you understand? And do you understand the consequences of it not being mirror clear?”

I nodded glumly; I could only guess.

“What I suggest is that you buff it first with the polish and the brush in order  to get a surface, and then use the balls of cotton wool to French polish it. Spit and polish my girl, just like they do in the army.”

I tried to absorb what she was telling me to do, but my mind was elsewhere: where was Emmette and when would she come to rescue me?

A chain ran from a eye-bolt in the closest wall, and ended in a few coils on the blanket. Raven reached forward and looped the end around my right ankle; a simple padlock closed the loop and left me shackled. With my wrists manacled and now my ankle restrained, I felt a sinking feeling of helplessness. Raven pocketed the padlock key and threw me one of her supercilious stares.

“Now listen to me girl, you are not to go anywhere until I get back to punish you, do you understand!”

The craziness of this last statement was not last on me, but I was too down to respond.

She must have realized how silly she was being, or perhaps she had a momentary flash of compassion, for she unexpectedly reached down and unlocked my wrists, throwing the manacles, with a satisfying clatter, into a heap at the edge of the blanket.

And then she was gone, the door locked behind her, the only light coming from a few disconsolate shafts of diluted sunshine that filtered through the small, grimy windows.

I rolled off my knees and into a more comfortable sitting position and looked around to take full stock of the situation. My blanket, though coarse, was relatively well padded by the straw beneath it, and despite being naked and chained, I was sure that I would have privacy until Raven returned. A bucket lay at the edge of the blanket along with a pitcher of water and an enamel mug; I realized that I wouldn’t go thirsty and had somewhere to pee if necessary!

My blanket was close to the corner and a mirrored door led off to the side; something to explore later, I decided. But first I had better get my polishing task done before Raven returned.

Sighing, I picked up the tin of polish and the brush and began to shine the thick leather strap.

Polishing the strap

As I sat there, I was aware of the coarseness of the rough saddle blanket beneath my rear, the sweat from my trot down the Bridle Path that caused an unpleasant patina on my skin, and the discomfort of my tender  flesh that had been pummeled by Raven’s paddle; they all combined to create a toxic mix of physical distress. I found myself squirming around, desperately seeking relief but finding none. It was fortunate that the polishing chore gave me something to distract myself; the discomfort and ignominy of being chained naked  to the floor like some disgraced animal would  surely otherwise have brought me to tears.

I worked at the leather strap with the brush and polish and with a glimmer of self satisfaction, I started to see results. I lost track of time, hypnotized by the circles that I was rubbing in with my balls of cotton, the time punctuated at intervals as I spat onto the leather. As time moved on, I was pleasantly surprised at the gloss that I was creating.

The leather felt supple in my hands, and I stroked it appreciatively, amazed that I could see some semblance of my own reflection when I looked at it closely. What, I wondered, was it going to feel like as it lashed my bottom? Would I scream? Would it be worse than the lashing that Emmette had given me? Would Raven show any compassion or would she ignore my tortured cries?

As the thoughts flickered through my mind, I tentatively slapped the front my thigh with the strap, enjoying the the sensation, loving the warmth.I got back onto my knees, and lent forward animal like, balancing like a tripod, on my knees and my left hand. With my free arm, I flicked myself a few more times on the outside of my right thigh, trying to reach back to plant a few strokes on my bottom’s cheek. The leather burned, biting viciously where the tip dug in, and it left a set of red welts that shone brightly against my pale skin.

I looked up at the mirror and was rather taken by what I saw, stimulated by the sight of myself being chained and of the welts on my thighs. I moved around slightly to study my backside, to examine the rosy hue that her paddle had caused.

My senses were inflamed by the image that stared back: a naked girl, chained by her ankle, gently punished flesh waiting for the main event to occur. Watching enraptured, I slid the leather between my thighs and used it to massage my engorged cunt. Kneeling back on my heels, with my knees spread wide, it was as if I was watching a stranger as I began to slap myself with the leather strap.

My inner thighs reddened and started to burn with pain, and with every stroke I felt my arousal grow. Breathing hard, I looked down at my spread legs, and wondered if I could really do it, lash my own cunt. I started with a gentle tapping at first  on those tender lips. I found that as my arousal grew, I could whip myself a bit harder, the slap of the leather driving me further on.

My image continued to stare back from the mirror door, a slut on her knees; depraved and sordid as she used a leather strap on her cunt. I stopped the whipping when the tenderness became too much, and rubbed the strap across my pussy lips, carefully collecting the juices of my lust. Grabbing a ball of cotton, I feverishly polished the surface of the leather again, using my juice as the polish, an intimate act that sexually bonded my strap and I.

Feeling that I had to finish myself off, I rose to my feet and moved close to the mirror door. With the chain creating a delicious tension on my ankle, I opened myself wide, my semi-squatting position straining my thighs. As I whipped my flank with my leather strap, my left hand plunged into my gaping sex, frigging myself unmercifully in an animal like show. I did not climax quietly and like the chained animal I had become, I howled and moaned as my body shuddered to a release.

I was still standing and trembling, looking at myself in the mirror, when a voice from behind the mirror door broke the spell. It was like deja-vu; we had been there before.

“Bravo, Caitlin, that was quite the  act!”

Emmette’s voice was unmistakable; I realized then that I should have learned from my first foray into the tack room a week ago.

There was a pregnant pause.

“Caitlin, if your ankle chain is long enough, would you mind coming in here and letting me down?”

I limped across to the mirror door, the ankle chain acting like an anchor that was holding me back. Emmette was looking at me from within the room that was behind the door; her hands were chained above her to a low wooden rafter, her body was naked, her arousal was on show. Her nipples were erect, her cunt lips were engorged, and a becoming flush spread from her neck to her breasts.

“Just so that you know, Caitlin,” she explained, “the mirror doors are one-way glass.Your performance was truly wonderful; sexual deviance at its best, sordid activity when you thought you were all alone.”

If I could have reached her to whip her with ‘my’ leather strap, I am sure I would have, but my ankle chain kept us a couple of yards apart.

I limped back slowly and sat on my blanket. With the door open now, and under her open gaze, I picked up a ball of cotton wool and once again began to polish my strap. I could feel my cheeks glowing; it was a flush of anger as well of shame.  

I intuitively knew now, how Emmette had received those vicious cane marks she had been so proud to show off. I hoped fervently that when Raven returned, that it would not only be my bottom that felt the strap’s bite.

The Equestrienne Lodge – Part 2 – Return to The Equestrienne Lodge

In this post, Caitlin returns to The Equestrienne Lodge. For the setup to this story, read the post Equestrienne Leather

The Invitation

The invitation was delivered by courier shortly after I had returned home from my holiday at The Equestrienne Lodge. It was printed on a cream textured, card with gold text and a gold border, a hunter jumping a hedge was embossed in gold on the top right hand corner. The wording was formal, the presentation professional. It was tasteful and classy, designed to impress.

“Your presence is expected at The Equestrienne Lodge this upcoming weekend. Plan to arrive on Friday evening.”  

That was it, no pleasantries and no signature. I had no doubt it was from Emmette; it was just her style: commanding, anticipating a positive response, not even considering that her wish might not be granted. I was putty in her hands and both she and I knew it. We both knew that I would dash out of work early on Friday afternoon in a rush to beat the weekend traffic, and that by early evening, I would be announcing myself in the lobby of The Equestrienne Lodge.

The Lobby

Despite how formal and short her invite had been, she was all warmth when I walked into the lobby. She was dressed, as usual, in her riding gear: a cream, silk ruffle under a navy blazer,  jodhpurs and boots completing the outfit. Tall and slender with her blond hair pulled back in a pony, her presence was commanding yet her manner was gracious.

She hugged me warmly and her familiar scents rushed right back. The divine fragrance of Black Opium, traces of vanilla that tantalised and promised, the earthy scents of her own body after a full day’s work, the lingering smell of leather, saddle soap and wax; I melted into her neck and savored them all, anchoring myself in the present, reminding myself that this was not a dream.

Emmette’s Suite

We went straight to her private suite; I was staying as her personal guest this time. She suggested that I get undressed in her room while she ran a hot bath; she just needed a few minutes of privacy, she said, to wash her teeth and freshen up.

A few minutes later, she summoned me in. I felt self conscious, wandering around her quarters undressed, wondering how it would all play out and whether I should really have come at all. I pushed her bathroom door open slowly, and then stopped short, shocked, but somewhat stimulated by what I saw. Emmette was standing with her back towards me, her legs apart, her arms stretched up and wide, holding onto the shower curtain rail that ran above the bath.

The sight of her willowy body, the gentle curves and well toned muscles would all have blown my mind, but that is not what took my breath away. Three angry welts, vivid hues of reds and purples,  seemed to have been slashed across her bottom, perfectly parallel lines of agony, perfectly spaced.

I was stunned; a confusion of thoughts tumbled around my mind: who could have done this to Emmette, when was it done; how could such a strong women have been made to submit to this?  Did she scream when she was whipped, was she made to sexually perform? Where did it take place, did she offer herself up or was she forced? Was I jealous of the other person who must be involved, but what right did I actually have to be jealous at all?

I just stood and stared; time seemed to stand still.

Emmette broke the silence first; she must have sensed my confusion even though I was standing behind her back.   

“What do you think, Cait? Do you love them or are you repulsed?”

“Who did this to you? When? Was it after I left?”

The words burbled out in a gush of confusion, my voice sounding thick and my breathing strained.

Emmette dropped her arms and turned to face me. The glimmer of a smile danced at the corners of her lips but whether it was sardonic or one of amusement, I couldn’t tell. There was a look in her eye though that I recognized from our trysts in the stables: it was a gleam of arousal, a flicker of desire. The tip of her tongue caressed the inside top of her lip, sensuality budding and waiting to burst out.

All at once she pulled my head close, her lips meshing angrily with mine, all sensuality gone, her actions driven by a desperate need. She kissed me hungrily, forcing her way in deeply, in what seemed like a desperate attempt to quench her lust. Our breasts brushed together in a far more sensitive caress and I could feel my nipples harden as they responded to her touch.

The pressure of her hands on my shoulder became insistent, gently forcing me away and down, onto the cold, tiled floor. All thoughts of baths were driven from my thoughts as I struggled to come to terms with the sight I had seen. I felt her light touch behind my head, guiding me, edging me forward, connecting my lips to her pouting sex. Arousal hardly describes it; juices were flowing and her lips were full.

Her state of arousal was contagious and I felt own heartbeat pick up and a delicious warmth spread across my own skin. As my tongue connected with her cunt, my fingers slid up and down my own slit, strumming my own clit, feeding off her pleasure. I could feel the warmth of her taut thighs as they occasionally bumped my shoulders, sensed the tenseness of her muscles as they strained for release. Her frantic breathing egged me on, driving me inexorably on towards my personal peak. Her strong fingers twisted in my hair, twisting and tugging at me in a delicious blanket of pain. I felt myself being crushed against her, sucked up in her passion, fused to her by her rush. She came first, a wonderfully exuberant release, one that excited me and pushed me over the edge.

She was remarkably composed as she helped me off the floor, cuddling me tightly and stroking my hair, tenderly trying to put me back together again. She led me back into the bedroom, and steered me over to the bed; I watched with open eyes as she reached into her wardrobe and pulled out a dressage whip that had been hanging there.

I realised then what had caused the welts; it was with a mixed emotion of fear and renewed arousal that I watched her approach.